Regular Rate (per Night) - $12.00/Adult
One Night (Fri. & Sat.) - $18.00/ Adult
Weekly (7 Nights) - $72.00/Adult 
 Monthly (28 Nights) - $252.00/Adult



 30 amp & Water

Regular Rate (per Night) - $32.00*
 One Night (Fri. & Sat.) - $48.00*
Weekly (7 Nights) - $192.00* 
Monthly (28 Nights) - $672.00* 
Seasonal - $1,665.00 plus metered electric* 
Seasonal River Lot - $1,815.00 plus metered electric* 
Seasonal w/Sewer - $1,815.00 plus metered electric* 
Seasonal River Lot w/Sewer - $1,965.00 plus metered electric* 
*Consists of 2 Adults and children 17 years and UNDER.  ADDITIONAL ADULTS (18YR & OVER) PAY RUSTIC RATE


Rental Camper

No Pets Allowed 

Regular Rate (per Night) - $95.00 
Weekly Rate (7 Nights) - $475.00 
Monthly Rate (28 Nights) - $1,330.00 
See Rental Camper Photos   

Camping with a group? 

We offer group sites to accommodate groups of all sizes. Some sites have multiple electric/water hookups on them. You can set up in a circle. Group sites have a larger fire pit and up to three picnic tables. Pricing is the same on group sites as all other sites. We don't charge for the site itself, we charge per hookup & per adult. ($32 per night per hookup- includes up to two adults and kids under 18, pets also free … rustic is $12 per night per adult) Quiet time in the group area's is still 10pm no radios, outdoor TV's or excessive noise of any kind. Midnight we expect quiet.

Dump station fee for non-campers is $15