Standard Sit-ON


Our Old Town Standard Sit-ON Kayaks seat one person. Your legs sit on top of the kayak base and are fully exposed to the sun.

Weight Capacity: 225lb

Deluxe Sit-ON


Our Deluxe kayak is a 9.5’ Precision Kayak that offers a cushioned seat, cup holder, space for a small soft sided cooler and multiple foot molds for a more comfortable float.

Weight Capacity: 250lb

Tandem Kayak


Our Tandem Kayak is a two seat, sit-IN Kayak. It is yellow in color and referred to as “The Banana”

Weight Capactiy: 500lb

Trip Information: 2.5-3hr trip

Transportation, Paddles & Life Preservers are included with all Kayak Rentals.

Kayaks are a high demand rental request and therefore a reservation is recommended to ensure one is available for you.

We do not have a minimum age requirement for our Kayak rentals. Children however must have an adult also attending the trip and should be able to fully control the kayak on their own. Keep in mind, the river has a fast moving current.